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"We had Hokulia Shave Ice bring their goodies to our daughter's graduation as well as our annual client picnic. Both times were amazing. The kids really enjoyed having something different than cupcakes and had fun making their own flavors. Our client party was a huge success thanks in part to Hokulia, the owners and the employees who worked our event. I would definitely hire them again and now we have to visit their store!"

-Laura (Parker, CO)

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Authentic Hawaiian - Taste the Aloha!

Come taste what makes us truly authentic Hawaiian! From our 50 flavors imported from Hawaii, to literally shaving the ice. We give you the light and fluffy texture that melts in your mouth. That's Hawaiian Shave Ice! 

"Absolutely amazing. The service was fantastic. The owner even popped in to give a suggestion for me as a first time customer. Great experience."

- Mathew (Parker, CO)

"My family has enjoyed every visit we've made to Hokulia in Parker. The product quality is above & beyond, the taste is amazing, and the staff is so friendly. Treat your family!"

- L Gresham (Parker, CO)

Shave Ice

Hokuila Shave Ice tastes so good because we literally shave the ice. It is not ground and gritty like a snow cone, but smooth and refreshing. Because it is shaved, the ice has a light and fluffy texture that absorbs the flavors. It is so smooth that it melts in your mouth


You haven't tasted paradise until you've tasted a Hokulia flavorful smoothie. You'll really notice the difference that comes because we use our shave ice to create a texture so smooth you can never go back to regular smoothies. Taste the Aloha with the multiple fruit and island flavors. Make them your own by adding real fruit and ice cream.

Ice Cream

Hokulia's Premium Ice Cream tastes so good! We are a part of the Farr's Ice Cream family who have been making ice cream since 1929. Farr's has made unique flavors just for Hokulia like Banana Caramel Wave, Lava Flow, Rocky Road to Hana and many more. You won't want to miss all 75 flavors!

"The ice cream here is amazing! Best strawberry-banana smoothie I’ve ever had. Plus, the staff was really nice and let my indecisive wife try about 12 samples."

- Jason (Parker, CO)


11101 S. Parker Rd.

Parker, CO 80134

(Inside Walmart)

"We had the POG shaved ice with Coconut ice cream & Tigers Blood Shaved Ice. It was ONO!"

- Chrissy (Parker, CO)


Clint and Stefani Severson, the owners of the first Hokulia Shave Ice shack, love to visit the Hawaiian Islands. They especially love Kona-The Big Island. In 2008 they went to Kona together and while sitting on the beach eating some awesome Shave Ice they decided that they needed some “Island Love” back home. They came home to Utah and realized their dream by opening the first Hokulia Shave Ice Shack. Their customers loved it!

Hokulia shave ice tastes so good because we literally shave the ice. It is not ground and gritty, but smooth and refreshing. Because it is shaved, the ice has a light and fluffy texture. It is so smooth that it melts in your mouth.

Our syrups are made from 100% pure cane sugar and each shave ice is topped with rich flavors that are imported from Hawaii.

The perfect shave ice has our premium Farr’s Ice Cream in the center and is topped with creamy sweetened condensed milk. Our shave ice is so good you will think you are on the Islands enjoying a “taste of Hawaii.”

After four years of operation, the first shack greatly exceeded their expectations. Clint and Stefani know the secrets of success and they are now sharing them with others through the magic of franchising.

The new Hokulia Parker location is owned and operated by Lauren and Galen Hafla. Since arriving more than a year ago, they knew Colorado was home. The weather & scenery are superb and the people of Parker are what they have come to love the most. From their friendly neighbors helping them the minute they moved in to being greeted at events like Parker Days, they identify closely with the residents of Parker.

After a 19 year career in industrial sales and leadership and three years of stay-at-home parenting & infant educaring, Galen’s aim is to make each and every customer a part of their Hokulia family! They are so excited to bring something new & special to the Parker community; “this is a dream come true and a new frontier for us. We are excited to watch it grow and be enjoyed by everyone.”